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November 2020 Letter


Croton Academy of Arts (CAA) began in 2003 in the basement of a local church.  With an abundance of energy and a lot to teach about improv comedy, two women created a powerful program and safe space for teens to be themselves.  Little did they imagine then that their “safe space” would become a literal community theater and arts space, the Croton Academy of Arts -- a rare cultural jewel in the heart of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson -- and then expand beyond that space into the Croton-Harmon schools, providing instruction and experiences in a panoply of arts for all ages. 


For the past 17 years, CAA continues to be a favorite and life-line for kids and teens. It has also served thousands in the greater community as participants and audience members through performance art theatre, play productions, musicals, improv and holiday shows, live concerts, unique culturally-enriching classes, great after school programs, as well as a place where life-long friendships and a community of artists are created. Everyone who has had the chance to work with CAA’s much-loved director, Myrlin Valerio, and exceptional staff over the years has had the opportunity to work with the very best while learning valuable life-enhancing and creative skills.


Due to COVID-19, Croton Academy of Arts has not been able to offer in-person classes or performances since March 2020 and is at risk of closing its doors. We need your help to keep CAA alive. 


This is our first ask letter ever! Are you a parent of a child who thrived in an improv class? Did you proudly watch your child or grandchild dress up and sing in a musical? Was it your teen who had an opportunity to write sketches and perform them in front of a live audience?  Are you an alum whose CAA experiences helped you to hone creativity, spontaneity, and collaborative skills that have been so valuable in your life or profession? Are you an adult who finally dipped a toe in acting after all these years, or took some time for a relaxing and enriching arts experience? Are you a resident who is simply thrilled that the existence of CAA demonstrates the importance of the Arts in Croton? Or did CAA simply get you out of your shell, whatever your stage of life, and help you to develop confidence while introducing you to a supportive community? However, CAA has connected with you -- we need your support now.  


The urgency of keeping the arts alive could not be more important as we all struggle forward, and this is particularly true for our children and their future, whatever path they choose. Your donation will help bridge the gap until we can be together in person again. We ask that anyone who loves and values the arts to dig deep and donate at any level. Your support will keep us alive and enable us to grow. 


You can donate online or send a check to Croton Academy of Comedic Arts at 8 Old Post Road South, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520. 

Please share this with your friends and family! Thank you in advance for your generosity. 


Fondly, Croton Academy of Arts Board of Directors  

Amelia Coccaro, Patrice Davidson, Adam Decker, Trey Files, Melissa London, Susan O’Keefe, Catherine Riedel, Steven Riedel, Cindy Secunda