Croton Academy of Comedic Arts (caca) is a performance-based program that focuses on comedic and improvisational acting skills. Comedy improv fosters communication, public speaking, creativity, confidence, and social interaction. Teens and children meet and interact in a fun and supportive environment to further develop their creative skills. 


C.A.C.A. classes feature:

  • Warm-up, cool down, & focusing exercises

  • Improv Skills/Performance Improvs​

  • Standup comedy (camp caca only)


Each CACA session culminates with a performance for family and friends. For instance:

We will take one suggestion and use that as inspiration for improvised scenes.

From that tiny suggestion grows an improvisational tornado of extraordinary characters,

extraordinary situations, and usually at least one impersonation of a live animal. Sounds like fun? Well, it is! 

A group of CAA Improv students at UCB's Del Close Marathon in NYC

Our Acting Classes focus on theatre games and unique workshops designed to inspire imagination and creativity. Students gain self-esteem and independence while learning critical collaboration skills. Each session culminates in a presentation of scripted scenes or monologues or a full-length theatrical performance.  Enthusiasm, confidence, and individual creativity are celebrated while learning the foundations of acting; voice and speech, movement, and scene study technique.  For students already participating in school productions, our programs will enhance and polish their performing skills. For beginners, our classes can be major confidence-builders, as well as a fun, supportive introduction to the world of theater.


We also offer private coaching for Acting, Auditions, Scene study, and monologs by Jen Jiles. Private coaching or small group coaching is by appointment, please call us if interested.

Students perform a Charlie Brown Christmas

Yoga is not currently offered at CAA


Our sketch troupe: "Prepare for Impact" (or "PFI")  is recruiting new members. Our sketch writing/acting group meets weekly to brainstorm, write, workshop, direct, record, and perform live or pre-recorded comedy sketches.  

Our sketch class, PFI, Jr. is open to middle school students.  Class is not currently in session. 

You can check out more from Prepare for Impact at our youtube channel: CrotonAcademyofArts

PFI Students sit around a table with laptops

Private Singing Classes are available! 


A chance to hone vocal skills with half-hour virtual, private singing lessons.  Each student will work privately with our instructor to learn solo and ensemble numbers. Students will have the opportunity to sing their solo live streamed in an end-of-session showcase or pre-record their solos during a Zoom class.  


CAA has offered dance classes in the past though none are being offered for this next session.  Past classes offered include Jazz, Tap, and Musical Theatre dance. 

All levels of experience accepted. We welcome beginners.  Classes generally include a typical dance technique warm-up and feature a full spectrum of dance combinations.

Tap students perform a number from Singin in the Rain
& Many more classes

Classes include an ever-changing selection of Crafting, Drawing, Painting, Paper Cutting, Writing, Origami, Language, Filmmaking, Musical theatre.  We're very proud that our classes are taught by local professionals from our community.


You can view the offered classes below!

A collage of fine art including drawing, watercolor, and paper cutting
Registration coming soon for fall classes

CET & PVC:  Oct. 3-Dec. 12  Classes may include:

Reading & Writing Club Rides Again (Gr 2-4)          Fairytale Theatre (Gr K-2)   

Fun with Origami: Zoo Animals! (Gr 1-4)                   Stage Play! with Jonny (Gr 3-4)

Kids Let’s Knit! (Gr 1-4)                                      Rhythmic Drumming for Fun (Gr k-4)

Crafts with Darcey (Gr K-4)


Fall Production (Gr 4-10) - auditions tentatively September 22. Everyone will be cast but must attend the audition.

Oct. 3-Dec. 12  Classes may include:

Acting: Gamification! (Gr 3-5)

Comedy Improv (Gr. 4-12)

PFI Prepare for Impact sketch troupe (Gr. 8-12)