We focus on producing  2 musical and 3 non-musical plays yearly for young actors. We also produce other shows throughout the year; student showcases for our improvisation and sketch writing classes, open mic nights, concerts.  


Current Production for older teens and adults: She Kills Monsters Virtual Realm

The Croton Academy of Arts is excited to produce its first virtual drama, Qui Nguyen's popular drama, "She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms". After young Tilly Evans dies in a tragic car accident, her older sister Agnes discovers her Dungeons and Dragons journal. Agnes enlists a D&D Dungeon Master to guide her through the contents of the notebook, in an attempt to connect with and understand her late sister. Guided by her sister's D&D alter ego, Agnes will explore a fantastical world where she will meet new friends while learning the truth about the life her estranged sister once lived.

The production will rehearse over Zoom from June 29 through August 13 with a virtual Vimeo performance on Friday, August 14.  Looking for actors 16 through adult. Please send an audition video, by June 23rd of a short contemporary monologue to with She Kills Monsters in the subject line. If a callback is needed, we will send sides from the script and ask that you send a video of your scene to Joe Riedel.



Agnes Evans -Older sister, perfectly average, never strayed from her path until the recent death of her younger sister.


Tilly Evans/Tillius the Paladin - A D&D obsessed, young teen. Mousy, shy, and bookish in real life. An awkward teen who struggles with her social standing in school and her sexuality. By contrast, her D&D counterpart Tillius is a level 20 badass, who slays monsters with ease and is confident in who they are and who they love.


Miles - Agnes's boyfriend struggles to connect with his grieving girlfriend. His in-game counterpart is a shapeshifting gelatinous blob.


Orcus/Ronnie - Orcus, demon lord of the undead has let himself go. He is a lazy tv and videogame obsessed monster who drags his feet to reluctantly joins Agnes on her quest. His real-life counterpart Ronnie is one of Tilly’s friends and a member of her D&D party.


Vera - Agnes’s best friend. Supportive of her quest to reconnect with her late sister, even if she doesn't understand. Not a fan of Miles.


Kaliope Darkwater/Kelly: Kaliope is a dark elf, described as a supermodel and incredibly strong. She's based on Tilly’s high school friend Kelly, who suffers from cerebral palsy. She is Ronnie's younger sister.


Steve - A classmate of Agnes’s and math tutor to Vera. In-game he is Steve the Mage who comically dies again and again.


Farrah: A fairy and one of the bosses Agnes and her party must face before they can reach the final boss.


Evil Gabbi and Evil Tina: Cheerleader succubi that torment Tilly, in particular about her sexuality, both in and out of the game. They are based on Tilly’s high school bullies.


Narrator - Mostly unseen, but essential to the story. Someone who can evoke the mythical voice of Kate Blanchette from Peter Jackson’s "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy.