CET & PVC Programs



Croton Academy of Arts Performing and Fine Arts After-School Enrichment Program

For the Croton-Harmon School District


CAA is offering an after-school arts enrichment program for the Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School (CET) and the Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School (PVC) in the Croton-Harmon District. The focus is to provide high-quality performance and fine arts experiences for students in a fun and supportive environment at a convenient location.  Working through the district allows CAA to provide even more classes and programs to meet the creative, skill-building and emotional needs of children. The instructors are practicing professionals who reflect CAA’S philosophy.



Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary School

Pierre Van Cortland Middle School

At CET students will be escorted, immediately after school, to meet their teacher outside of the library. The teacher will take attendance and walk with the children to the class. Parents may provide their children with a small snack. After class, the instructor will escort the children to meet their parents or join Childrenspace.

At PVC, students will sign in to their respective after school class. Students will either be picked up after school or may walk home with a guardians permission.

CET classes:

  • Crafty Creations with Ketti North

  • Musical Theater: Sing, Act, Dance with Natalie Arneson

  • Origami Fun & More with Kasuko Omori

  • The Art of Paper Cutting: Telling Stories with Sine Hjort

  • Elementary Yoga with Cassie Cartaginese

PVC classes:

  • Acrylic Painting Studio with Hillary Hostetler, MFA

  • Introduction to Drawing with Tim Carrier

  • Cutting Pictures in Paper with Sine Hjort

  • Peaceful Warriors Yoga with Cathy Anfiteatro

  • Intro to Comedy Improvisation with Myrlin Valerio