Elementary Creative Dramatics,  Grades 2-4
A program designed to introduce theatre to younger students. We teach through theatre games and unique workshops designed to inspire imagination and creativity. Students gain self-esteem and independence, while learning critical collaboration skills. Spring session culminates in a full length theatrical performance for the class.

Acting - Grades 5 - 12
Enthusiasm, confidence and individual creativity are celebrated while learning the foundations of acting; voice and speech, movement, scene study technique. Levels: Acting I, Acting II and Acting III (level III by teacher recommendation)

For students already participating in high school productions, this program will enhance and polish their performing skills. For beginners, it can be a major confidence-builder, as well as a fun, supportive introduction to the world of theater.

Acting  (grades 5 -12), Tuesday, 3:30-4:45 pm

Creative Dramatics (grades 2-4), Wednesday, 5:00 - 6:00 pm

“These children are so lucky to be able to attend this wonderful school where they can come and be creative.”
—John Tracy Egan, Professional Broadway performer in such shows as Jekyll and Hyde, The Producers and Sister Act.